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Tibet silver pendant & white heart bead necklace IN0056


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ian white heart beads from the African bead trade last century.

A beautiful multi strand necklace featuring a hand crafted Tibetan silver pendant decorated with small chips of turquoise and coral.  The red glass beads are old Ethiopian white heart beads from the African bead trade last century.

All silver 92.5% Pure

Design Eva Manning, Made from beads and adornments collected by us in  India & Central Asia & Africa

Length. 46.0 cm

Weight 72.8 Grams

Pendant (body) 82.0 mm long x 40.0 mm wide

Note. All these items are hand-made and as such have been crafted individually. Sizes, finish, weight, etc will vary from item to item




Red, Coral, Antique glass

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