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R44128, 92.5% silver Ethiopian cross


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These crosses are beautifully cast and reproduced from originals collected by us in Ethiopia in the early 1990′s.

92.5% silver Ethiopian cross.  H 40 mm W. 22 mm weight 7.3 grams.  These crosses are beautifully cast and reproduced from originals collected by us in Ethiopia in the early 1990′s.  These designs are either very rare or not available in Ethiopia in their original antique form any more.  The work is so good that in some cases it’s difficult to tell the new from the old!  Many Ethiopians are Coptic Christians and wear these crosses on a chain or leather around their neck.  Ethiopian crosses are usualy named after towns or regions of the highland are of Ethiopia.   Lalibela is the most famous shape and is the one usualy identified with Ethiopia.  Christianity came to Ethiopia at least 1600 years ago.

Ethiopian Crosses

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