Polybraid black 10 metre length IN0119


Polybraid 1.0mm flat woven braid. Colour black.




Polybraid 1.0mm flat woven braid. Colour black.

Polybraid is a strong abrasion resistant and low stretch thread. It’s woven from numerous thin filaments of polyester in a flat pattern and can be used to thread beads and pendants of any description provided that the bead hole will allow the polybraid to pass through, The braid is waxed and can be trimmed to a fine point allowing easy threading. Another great quality of braid is that it will melt when burned with a flame. This allows the absolute fastening of knots when attaching clasps etc. Braid can be doubled or tripled or multiplied any number of times to thread heavy or cumbersome beads.

Polybraid can be used with most beads. The exceptions


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