Susan Hunt picture Shoot 2005 036Pottery

Vibrant, colourful, beautiful and functional, Moroccan pottery is a must have if you love utility and beauty in one. We spend several weeks coordinating potters and designs in Morocco. While we are doing pottery we collect carpets, rugs, leather bags, and other beautiful objects.

Our Pottery is designed specifically for our gallery. We choose practical everyday pieces you can use in your home as well as one off spectacular platters and large bowls, vases, Tagines etc.

We love Tagines and have a large selection of traditionally decorated (for presentation of food only) and Terracotta cooking tagines.

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We will be closed twice this year to travel overseas to buy new and exciting stock for Timbuktu To Kathmandu.

So you won’t be disappointed and turn up when we are closed here are the dates; Closed 6th to the 24th Feb 2015 Closed 1st to the 30th June 2015