About Us

At Timbuktu To Kathmandu we have an extraordinary range of exotic beads, jewellery, artifacts, pottery and rugs from Africa, India and the Himalaya.

Note; We will be open through until Easter 2017

timbuktu noosavilleOur gallery is a labyrinth of antique and contemporary beads and tribal objects.

A personal collection spanning nearly two decades.

The owners Simon and Eva Manning, have created two galleries that are a reflection of their own taste and passion for the vibrancy and culture of the tribal world.

Timbuktu To Kathmandu, the name says it all.   We personally travel and collect every item in our gallery.   Our collecting takes us on our own trade route across the deserts and savannah of Africa, through the souks of the Middle East and into the bazaars of India and the villages of the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal.